How to Turn On the iPhone Flashlight With Back Tap?

The iPhone’s latest editions are packed with an exciting feature that is the “Back Tap.” One can easily use this feature to turn on or off the smartphone’s Flashlight. If you also want to use this feature then, you need to hit twice or thrice on the back of your device to enable and disable the iPhone’s Flashlight. Back Tap is one of the trendy features provided only in iOS devices. One can easily use this accessibility tool to quickly detect the finger’s physical activity on the device’s backside. To allow this feature to do its job, iPhone 8, or above use the built-in mechanism accelerometer. Once configured in the Settings section, you may easily use two or three taps to open various actions on your Smartphone, including shortcuts. Here is how to turn on the Flashlight of your iPhone by double or triple tapping of your iPhone: Creating Flashlight Toggle Shortcut In order to enable or disable the Flashlight, you have to create a customized shortcut via the built-in Shortcut app. To do so, follow these straightforward guidelines: At the start, first of all, launch the Shortcuts section on your device. You may also use the Spotlight search to get the shortcuts quickly. For the same, you need to swipe your page down with one finger right from the middle portion of your Home screen. Then, enter the “shortcuts” into the search field and then hit the Enter key. Wait for the resulting options. Once it prompts-up on the screen, click on the best-matched option. After some time, you will see the overview “Shortcuts” on your screen once the app opens. Then, press the tab “My Shortcuts.” Now, hit the “All Shortcuts” tab there. Then, press the “+” signed tab. After that, you will see the page of New Shortcuts where you add-on the procedures known as actions to the shortcut section. Next, rename your shortcuts and then hit the ellipses tab. It appears as a three-dotted icon there. Hit the text area “Shortcut Name” and then rename your shortcuts to the Flashlight Toggle. Now, press the Done button there. Once you are back to your shortcuts screen, hit the Add Action tab. Wait for the panel “Actions” to show up on the screen and then search for the “flashlight” option. Now, hit the “Set Flashlight” option from the resulting list. After a little, the Set Flashlight action will show up on your screen under the action listing. It is the only set to turn the Flashlight on, by default. When the shortcut runs, you can easily toggle the Flashlight to either on or off. To do so, hit the Turn option located under the phrase “Turn Flashlight on.” Choose the Toggle button once the Operation menu pops-up. Now, you will see that the Flashlight action is appearing as Toggle Flashlight. It means if you run the shortcut and your Flashlight is off, then Flashlight will switch on. In case you run the shortcut while the shortcut is on, the Flashlight will turn off. Then, hit the “Done” tab there. Now, you will view the specific shortcut of Flashlight via the list. You can easily check the same by hitting the shortcut’s tab. Once the Flashlight turns on, then press the shortcut button once more to switch it off. Now, you can easily move forward to the next step for linking the shortcut to the Back Tap. Configure Back Tap to Run the Flashlight As you have already set up the shortcut for toggling the iPhone’s Flashlight to either on or off, you need to configure how to activate it with Back Tap. To do the same, follow these steps: Press the Settings icon to open. Then, hit the Accessibility option. Now, press the Touch tab there. Choose the option “Back Tap” from the Touch Settings. You have to select either two or three tap functionality for activating your Flashlight. This option is available in the Back Tap. Choose the best-matched option there. After that, scroll down your page through the list of actions until you view the Shortcuts’ specific section. Then, choose the Flashlight Toggle shortcut you have recently created. Tap the back option once to ensure the change is successfully registered. Now, exit from the settings page. You will now experience the feature of double and triple tap once you apply the same on the Back of your iPhone. It depends on the action of how you set it up. Your Smartphone’s Flashlight will turn on once you perform a double or triple tap. To toggle it off, you have to tap back twice or thrice. Conclusion iPhone 8 and newer editions provide several interesting features to its users. One such feature is the “Back Tap.” It is one of the most exciting features out there as it attracts the user for easy accessibility to turn on and off the Flashlight. One can follow the compatible method to turn on the flashlights of your iPhone. Source :-


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